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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Letter of Recommendation from Beverly Hills Middle School

This letter is written as a recommendation for Mr. William Deering for his exceptional speaking and communication skills to a large number of students and for the tremendous impact his speaking has on those who listen.

Mr. Deering came to Beverly Hills Middle School in May of 2009 to speak to a group of approximately 450 8th grade students. With a powerful commitment to make a difference in the lives of all the students present, Mr. Deering spoke about his life as a young man in middle school, high school, and college and the struggles he went through with his self-image. In speaking abou this own struggles and overcoming his stuttering problem, Mr. Deering was able to communicate to his audience what is possible for people just like him - the students he was speaking with - out of continuously creating a powerful context to live inside of. By the end of his presentation, students were applauding and excited about what Mr. Deering had to say and the impact he had on their lives and what they were dealing with.

In my experience in listening to Mr. Deering speak, I am certain that his words and commitment had an incredible impact on those who listen. In hearing his story of his past and considering how people's circumstances are a constant barrier to their full self-expression and fulfillment on what matters to them, students are able to come away from listening to Mr. Deering with a brighter look on their future and the knowledge that they truly can have what it is that they want for their lives. I am grateful that the students at Beverly Hills Middle School had the opportunity to hear Mr. Deering speak, and from that experience, I recommend that you consider Mr. Deering as an exceptional motivational speaker for all students around the country.

Becca Simpson
Language Arts Teacher 8th grade
Beverly Hills Middle School
Upper Darby School District

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